Classic Jaipur - Limestone

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This is a sister stone to our best-selling Farley limestone, but with slightly less work applied to the finish. It's still a fabulous, ultra-hard limestone and it has a unique, riven surface. They 'brush' the slabs as they are extracted from the quarry to remove some coarseness, and this softening process makes it suitable for both internal and external flagstones.

COLOUR : Beige Tones, Honey Tones, Yellow Tones

MATERIAL: Limestone

STYLE: Flagstone

TYPE: Tile

USAGE: Wall/Floor

AVAILABILITY: Typically 3-5 working days

Format / Size --- Pattern --- Finish --- Thickness --- Price inc Vat

60 x random cm Lightly Seasoned 2.5 cm £45.60
SKU: 10301 TAGS: Brand - Ca' Pietra, 600 mm x random, Area - External Floor, Finish - Seasoned

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