Classic Ravello - Limestone

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This is a truly classical limestone with soft, clean buttermilk tones. The surface grain is enhanced by the tumbled finish to leave a lovely tactile flooring material with just the slightest ageing to the edges that gives it some instant maturity and character. Even at 1.5cm thick it is suitable for wall tiling.

COLOUR : Buttermilk Tones, Grey tones, Honey Tones, Pale Tones



TYPE: Tile

USAGE: Wall/Floor

AVAILABILITY: Typically 3-5 working days

Format / Size --- Pattern --- Finish --- Thickness --- Price inc Vat

40 x 60 cm Tumbled 1.5 cm £50.40
SKU: 10321 TAGS: Brand - Ca' Pietra, 400 x 600 mm, Finish - Tumbled

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