Hornby Sandstone



If you want your patio or floor to have a bit of a lived-in look from the word go, then this camel-coloured sandstone is a great choice. Tip: When using this stone in an interior setting, we recommend giving it a coat of Ca'Pietra Stone Coat. This will enhance the stone itself, but also make it easier to clean.

COLOUR : Beige Tones, Grey tones

MATERIAL: Sandstone

STYLE: Flagstone

TYPE: Tile

USAGE: Floor

AVAILABILITY: Typically 3-5 working days

Format / Size








Price inc Vat

60 cm x random


1 cm


SKU: 10103 TAGS: Brand - Ca' Pietra, Area - Floor Tiles, Area - Wall Tiles, Area - Exterior Use, Finish - Seasoned, 600 mm x random

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