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Terrence Encaustic Pattern tiles

Price per sqm


An eye catching and elegant tile design that when laid out is a amazing monochrome geometric design.
Modern techniques allow for these classic Encaustic patterns to be produced digitally, creating a beautiful and practical high quality surface that comes in at a very attractive price point.
These geometric designs can be used on floors or on walls creating a striking feature in any room or hallway.

COLOUR: Charcoal/ Grey
STYLE: Patterned
TYPE: Tile
SIZE: 20 x 20cm
BOX QTY.: 25 tile
SQM/BOX: 1 m²
PRICE: £48 per box
USAGE: Floors/Walls
AVAILABILITY: Tipically 3 to 5 working days
SKU: 10000 TAGS: Color-Grey, Area - Floor Tiles, Area - Wall Tiles, 200 x 200 mm, Color-Black/Charcoal, Design - Arabesque Moroccan Pattern