Hamlet Limestone

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If you want to create a seamless look use these slabs both inside and out. The etching, which increases the non-slip properties of the stone, also gives it a more neutral colour. When used inside we recommend waxing the stone to reduce the slight harshness which is necessary for outdoor use. This is a really robust, great value stone. Tip: when using this stone in an interior setting, we recommend giving it a coat of Ca'Pietra Stone Coat. This will not only enhance the stone itself, but also make it easier to clean.

COLOUR : Beige Tones, Charcoal Tones, Grey tones

MATERIAL: Limestone

STYLE: Flagstone

TYPE: Tile

USAGE: Floor

AVAILABILITY: Typically 3-5 working days

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Price inc Vat

50 cm x Random Etched 2 cm £68.40
40 x 100 cm Bullnosed
copping stone
Etched 4 cm £90.00 each
40 x 60 cm


1.2 cm


60 x 60 cm Tumbled 1.5 cm £71..94
60 cm x random Tumbled 1.5 cm £71.94
French Pattern Tumbled 1.2 cm £59.94
Greek Pattern Tumbled 1.5 cm £65.94
60 cm x random Tumbled & Etched 2. cm £70.08
40 x 100 cm Bullnosed
copping stone
Tumbled & Etched 4 cm £90.00 each
SKU: 10642 TAGS: Brand - Ca' Pietra, Shape - Flagstone, Copping Stone, Area - Floor Tiles, Area - External Floor, Area - Wall Tiles, Finish - Tumbled, Finish - Etched, Finish Tubled & Etched, Material - Natural stone

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