Underground - Covent Garden

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With a range of 6 subtle colours in 2 different sizes our Underground collection has a wide number of combinations that can work together to create a natural calming background to your interior. These colours have been chosen to be effortlessly simple and harmonious.

Please note: Underground colours have a glazed top edge on up to 50% of tiles. Underground has a crackle glaze and must be sealed with a proprietary sealer

COLOUR : Covent Garden


STYLE: Handmade

TYPE: Tile

SIZE: 75 x 150 mm

TILE / SQM: 88

PRICE: £1.31 per tile inc VAT

SIZE: 150 x 150 mm

TILE / SQM: 44

PRICE: £2.62 per tile inc VAT

PRICE: £115.28 / m² inc. VAT


AVAILABILITY: Typically 3-5 working days

SKU: 10643 TAGS: Brand - Marlbrough, Shape - Square, Material - Ceramic, Shape - Rectangle, Size - Small

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