Tangram - 2

Tangram by Atleier Bardeelli hand painted tiles
Collection of interior floor and wall tiles in white glazed stoneware with a matt finishing. Fifteen entirely hand-brushed decorations, in four different colour groups. The range is completed by a selection of tiles with brush strokes in solid colours (Fabrics) that perfectly match the decorations and a further solid colour glazed tile with a matt finishing (Bianco Off).


The rules are about to change. There's no puzzle to test us, no mysterious image to reassemble. Tangram traces its intricate diagonals without our contribution and complicity. There's no theorem to solve, no rules to be observed. Nothing but the random mixing and matching of geometric shapes that unexpectedly slash and punctuate the space. Like a kaleidoscope that, upon taking a small break from its rotations, chooses to linger indefinitely, creating a sense of endless expectation.

COLOUR : Green & Cream
STYLE: Geometric
TYPE: Tile
SIZE: 200x200 mm
BOX QTY.: 25
SQM/BOX: 1 m²
PRICE: £93.60 per box inc VAT
PRICE: £93.60 / m² inc. VAT
Carriage charges apply
AVAILABILITY: Typically 2-3 weeks
SKU: 10615

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