Blanc et Bleu - Leaf Decor

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Blanc et Bleu, tribute to the artisan Spanish medieval technique. Brush strokes of cobalt blue pigment over a naturally aged white background, where every single piece is unique.

Genuine reclaimed look, with the charm of authenticity and alluring 
ornamental, geometrical and organic motifs.

COLOUR : Leaf decor - Blue & White
STYLE: Colour variation
SIZE: 18.5 x 18.5 cm
TILE / SQM:  0.413 sqm (12 tiles) per box
PRICE: £38.22 per per box inc VAT
PRICE: £93.00.00 / m² inc. VAT
USAGE: Wall and Floor 

WEIGHT: 9.0 KG / per box

Carriage Charges will be applied

SKU: 11300 TAGS: Brand - WOW, Shape - Square, Size - Small, Material - Porcelain, Colour - Blue, Colour - White, Use - Wall & Floor

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