HG - silicon seal remover - 100ml

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HG silicon seal remover quickly removes silicon sealant from various surfaces, including stainless steel, enamel, glass, different types of plastic, ceramic tiles, glazed tiles, natural stone and similar surfaces. It is a product with a pleasant fragrance, easy to apply, and it does not affect the aforementioned surfaces. Many other sealant types, including butylene, acrylate and universal sealant leave remnants that are difficult to remove, but they can be removed effortlessly with HHG silicon seal remover.Use a knife to cut away the sealant as closely as possible to the surface. Carefully cover the sealant that must not be removed with tape. Apply HG silicon seal remover liberally to the sealant remnants with the supplied brush. Leave to work for 15 minutes. Then remove the sealant remnants with the supplied spatula. If this is not easy, leave it to work for longer. Carefully remove the remaining liquid of the product with water or with a nailbrush or clean cloth.

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