Landscapes - Lagoon



The natural references of the landscapes of the Northern hemisphere provide a  rich seasonal mix of colours from luscious berry shades and cool watery blues to deep forest greens, whilst the vibrant colours of the Mediterranean include luscious greens, fiery orange, yellow and red.
15 colours from across the spectrum on a hand made base tile
Hand painting available on Waterfall
Half rounds are available to special order in all colours and have a top edge glaze. They are characteristically a shade lighter or darker than the base.

COLOUR : Lagoon
STYLE: Handmade
TYPE: Tile
SIZE: 110 x 110 mm
TILE / SQM: 80
PRICE: £1.25 per tile inc VAT
PRICE: £99.84 / m² inc. VAT
AVAILABILITY: Typically 3-5 working days

SKU: 11820 TAGS: Brand - Marlbrough, 110 x 110 mm

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