Latitude - Faeroes Hexagon and Brick

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Inspired by our maritime heritage our new Latitude collection, incorporates on trend colour, design and shape. Available as hexagons (18.5 x 16 x 0.9 cm) in crackle glaze or matt finish and large bricks (11 x 34 x 1 cm) in crackle glaze finish. All are suitable for bathroom and kitchen walls. The Hexagon matt finish is also suitable for floor areas of light use for example ensuite bathrooms.

COLOUR : Fareroes


STYLE: Handmade

TYPE: Tile Hexagon Mat or Crackle glazed

SIZE: 160 x 185 mm

TILE / SQM: 44

PRICE: £2.15 per tile inc VAT

PRICE: £94.60 / m² inc. VAT

TYPE: Tile Brick Crackle glazed

SIZE: 110 x 340 mm

TILE / SQM: 26.7

PRICE: £4.33 per tile inc VAT

PRICE: £115.60 / m² inc. VAT


AVAILABILITY: Typically 3-5 working days

SKU: 11101-1 TAGS: Brand - Marlbrough, Shape - Hexagon, 110 x 340 mm, 160 x 185 mm

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