Point & Dash - PD - Peacock



Point and Dash are punctuation marks used to indicate a break in thought .-

To Indicate there is more to come...
A design in a transitional stage, on going development over a matt canvas where passing through points, lines are created to conform your own making.

Sold per Box 

COLOUR : Peacock
MATERIAL: Porcelain
STYLE: Plain/Matt 
SIZE: 15 x 15 Cm
BOX QTY.: 25 tiles
SQM/BOX:  0.548 m²

USAGE: Wall and Floor 

AVAILABILITY: Typically 3 - 4 Weeks

WEIGHT: 10.51 KG / per box

Carriage Charges will be applied

SKU: 10000-49-4 TAGS: Size - Small, Shape - Square, Brand - WOW, Material - Porcelain, Finish - Matt, Use - Wall & Floor, Colour - Blue

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