Wash Basin - Rochester

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AdCast – Stone Wash Basins

Our stone basins are crafted from a Mineral Composite structure, combining Dolomite Stone and Resin. This combination imparts unparalleled durability and impact resistance to Mineral Composite.

With six basin designs to complement the shape of our baths and endless bespoke outer finishes, the AdCast stone Wash Basin collection offers increased personalisation
of your Wash Basin.

Size - 60 x 36 x 15 cm 

We can provide a Painting Service and add a colour matched RAL number or any other coded paint to your bath, or alternatively our bespoke Painting Service can colour match, for example a furniture or tile colour to your new bath in a gloss, satin, matt or metallic finish.

Coloured Pricing Available on request 

SKU: 10000-110-3 TAGS: Colour - White, Brand - Adam, Colour - Bespoke options available

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