AdCast - Stone / Luxury Collection- Lincoln 1693 x 715

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AdCast – Stone Bath
Our stone baths are handcasted from a Mineral Composite structure, combining Dolomite Stone and Resin. This combination imparts unparalleled durability and impact resistance to Mineral Composite.

The luxury Lincoln offers the perfect blend of both style and sophistication.
With a stunning unique shape, the single ended design is ideal for a long and comfortable soak.
Made for relaxation, the spacious Lincoln offers depth and opulence, whilst snugly cupping the body.

Size: 1693 x 715mm

Weight: 101kg

Colour pricing available upon request.

SKU: 10000-111-8-2-1-1 TAGS: Colour - White, Brand - Adam, Colour - Bespoke options available

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