Bejmat Brick - Olive Gloss

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BEJMAT, as part of the Zellige iconic moorish trend, is considered and art in itself with significant influence on western decoration, which process has not varied for a millennium.

COLOUR : Olive
MATERIAL: Porcelain
STYLE: Terracotta look
SIZE: 5 x 15 cm
BOX QTY.: 66 tiles
SQM/BOX: 0.469 m²

USAGE: Wall / Floor

WEIGHT: 10.35 KG
AVAILABILITY: Typically 3-4 weeks

SKU: 10016-6-1-3-5 TAGS: Brand - WOW, Size - Small, Material - Porcelain, Use - Wall & Floor, Shape - Square, Finish - Gloss, Colour - Green

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