Old Westminster Sandstone

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Really good-quality reclaimed York sandstone is hard to find, and consequently expensive. So take a long, hard look at these new sandstone flagstones, and ask yourself, can you believe its not genuine, reclaimed York stone? Its not just the intrinsic quality of the stone but the clever way that stones from different beds are mixed to mimic the varied tones and textures of very old slabs, and the colour-enhancing coating that is applied to the stone

COLOUR : Beige Tones, Brown Tones, Dark Tones, Honey Tones
MATERIAL: Sandstone
STYLE: Worn and Patinated
TYPE: Tile
USAGE: Floor
AVAILABILITY: Typically 3-5 working days


60 x random2.5 mm

SKU: 10117 TAGS: Brand - Ca' Pietra, Area - Floor Tiles, Finish - Woarn & Patinated, 600 mm x random, Material - Sandstone

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