Twister - T - Vapour

Price per sqm



Looking for a sophisticated and original outcome? Twister allows your personal pattern combination, opening a new dimension in your design plan. Decoration that becomes a piece of art, each wall a canvas and each piece a collector´s item. Twist your design until your plan comes true!

Sold per box

Colour : Vapour 

STYLE: Plain colour 
SIZE: 12.5 cm x 12.5 cm 
TILE / SQM: 0..603 sqm (39 tiles) per box
PRICE: £50.05 per per box inc VAT
PRICE: £83.00 / m² inc. VAT

WEIGHT: 8.7 KG / per box

Carriage Charges will be applied

SKU: 10000-4-3 TAGS: Material - Ceramic, Brand - WOW, Finish - Gloss, Size - Small, Shape - Square, Colour - White

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