Hammer Decor - Gloss - Topaz

Price per sqm



Do you know reactive colours?
They are glazes with an anomalous chemical composition that favours their reactivity, obtaining different effects. To deepen the good looks we developed a subtle hammered 
surface , enriching and adding a handmade feel to top off the final result. 

Distinctive finish that makes each piece one of a kind.

10 different reliefs randomly mixed within the box

Each piece is unique and unrepeatable, you will not find two equals.

Sold per box


MATERIAL: Porcelain 
STYLE: Gloss 
TYPE: Brick
SIZE: 5 x 15 cm 
TILE / SQM: 0.533 sqm (75 tiles) per box 

WEIGHT: 10.10 KG per box 

USAGE: Wall 

AVAILABILITY: 3 - 4 Weeks 

Carriage charges will be applied.

SKU: 10000-6-1-3-1-6-4-4-1-1-1-1-1 TAGS: Brand - WOW, Finish - Gloss, Size - Small, Use - Wall Tile Only, Material - Porcelain, Colour - Blue

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