Roots L - Rust

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Roots is our vision of the Terracotta. Organic looking pieces of Art inspired in nature and the authenticity of the impact of time given by the character of aging graciously. Given its innovative dual finish of smooth touch and outstanding resistance coexisting, it can be used anywhere and particularly outdoors.
Honest and meaningful designs, for a distinctive way of thinking

This collection has been created using a specially formulated matt enamel for use both indoors and outdoors.

MATERIAL: Porcelain
STYLE: Terracotta look
SIZE: 22  x 22  cm

BOX QTY.: 15 tiles
SQM/BOX: 0.726 m²

USAGE: Wall / Floor

WEIGHT: 15.442 KG
AVAILABILITY: Typically 3-4 weeks

SKU: 10016-6-1-3-6-1-5 TAGS: Brand - WOW, Size - Small, Material - Porcelain, Use - Wall & Floor, Shape - Square, Colour - Terracotta, Finish - Matt

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